May 5, 2007

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WELCOME BACK: Last month we came to you a week early and this month we are coming to your a couple of days late. Ken took a trip over to Post Falls, Idaho on business last week and picked up a really nasty bug. We won't go into the gory details but lets just say that it's related to the stomach and lower track :-(

As bugs go, a day and a half later Marilyn came down with the same thing. Needless to say neither one of us were feeling much like writing anything or putting together our newsletter. I (Ken) am feeling a little better today although I'm not out of the woods yet. I guess I'll take a solo whack at this so please bear with any grammatical or spelling errors.

While everything is in the eye of the be holder and some may disagree with me we are having a beautiful spring this year. We've been having rain and sun almost every day. That's a great combination for making things grow. The flowers and trees are just spectacular! All sorts of birds are showing up in fact as I'm typing this I just saw my first Gold Finch of the season, beautiful. Of course there always seems to be a downside to things and that is the grass is growing like crazy and needs to be mowed at least once a week. I guess that's a small price to pay for all this beauty.

Before I forget we want to wish all you mothers out there a wonderful Mother's Day this month. If you have a mother be sure to remember her on the 13th.

Wood'n Wares

While a kitchen utensil may not be the first thing that comes to mind for a Mother's Day present, Wood'n Ware hand crafted, hard maple kitchen tools are something that she will cherish for many years to come. Check out the large selection by clicking on the display below.

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Thank you,
Ken and Marilyn

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What's New? The PT Cruiser continues to evolve. I've added some more chrome to it plus I added a sun visor. The sun visor is very cool looking and really adds to the retro look that I'm going for.

I also added chrome heater control knobs and chrome window washers on the hood. I think it's looking pretty good but I'm sure I'll find more to add later.

You can view my entire PT Cruiser project on our web site at


Last month I told you about the new "Shooters" camera club that I joined. Unfortunately, due to this illness, I missed this past Friday's meeting. We were supposed to bring an "unusual" photo and a tip. The photo I was going to bring was of our cat, Miss Kitty Kitty, acting like a bird.

She's perched on the edge like a bird but the look on her face makes it look like she just ate a bird.
The tip I was going to give the club was about batteries. It seems like you are always having to charge batteries and sometimes it can get confusing as to which batteries are charged and those that are not. To resolve this I use red and green rubber bands. If I've taken used batteries out of my camera I put a red rubber band around them, it they just came off my charger I put a green one on. It really makes it easy to tell what batteries need to be charge and which ones are ready go to.


We know that a lot of you enjoy cooking and like to find new recipes and information that may improve those skills. We think that this weeks web site does just that. Advertised as "A Culinary Guide for Home Cooks... From a Home Cook" pretty much sums it up. There are not only some great recipes but a bunch of good information on buying different food products like meat and cheese.

There is really a lot on this site and if you spend some time and dig around you should find some ways to improve your cooking skills.

Just go to and have a ball.


Mini Scrapbook Tin

Marilyn made one of these up for each of her sisters and they really loved them. They took quite a while but the effort really payed off. If you are looking for a very special gift this might just be it.

Here's what you'll need:

  • An empty Altoids tin
  • Card stock
  • Permanent adhesive tape
  • Spray paint
  • Photos
Clean the tin and remove the cover. Spray paint with a light coat of primer.
Spray paint with a light coat of the final paint color. Try to keep the coats of paint to a minimum because the lid fits snuggly.
Decorate the lid as you desire. I used card stock, a gold pen and sealed it with decoupage.
For the scrapbook part cut card stock to fit inside the tin and accordion fold the sheets to fit. Add more sheets using permanent adhesive tape until you have as many pages as you want. Trim the corners to fit in the tin.
We scanned, reduce and cropped our pictures using the computer first then printed them out. I trimmed and rounded the corners and adhered them to the folded pages.

On the backside of each page I added notes on each picture.
On the front side in the beginning I added a little family tree.
I added a little ribbon tab to the right side edge of the front page to make it easy to open the book.
When you are done adding your pictures and journaling adhere the backside of the last page to the inside of the tin using permanent adhesive tape. Be sure the hinge is on the correct side. My scrapbook read portrait style so our hinge was on the left.
Replace the lid being careful not to close the hinge tabs too tight.
If your lid fits tight rub some bar soap along the inside of the lid and the edge of the tin bottom where the lid rubs.
Use as many embellishments as you like adding charms, stickers and fancy papers.

Remember we have all of our past projects archived on our web site at Just click on the Craft Egg.

Kids Stuff


It's amazing what the toy designers are coming up with these days. To see some of the latest toys just click on the picture above. You'll find things for everyone from toddlers to pre-teens.

The Tempos
News and CD of the Week

It's not too late to get The Tempos "Big Swing" CD!

"Big Swing" features fourteen great swing songs from the 40's and 50's. If you love the old big band swing music we think you'll enjoy this CD. It's the kind of music that makes you just want to get up and dance, you do remember how to swing don't you?

The only place you can get this CD is from our web site. Go to and click on the "Click Here" at the top of the web page or


We only printed up a thousand of them so get yours before the are all gone!

If you'd like to get a taste of this CD just go to The Tempos web site. When you are at the Tempos web site click on the horn valve button that says "Hear our CD". Then click on the song titles to hear a little bit of each song.

The Tempos big swing band is available for hire. If you have a special event that could use the wonderful music of a classic sixteen piece big band be sure to contact We perform all over the Seattle area for all sorts of events.

Album Pick of the Week


"From This Moment On"
by Diana Krall

Over the past few years we've recommended several CD's by Diana Krall but we think that this might just be her best. The big band arrangements behind her incredible voice make for a dynamic combination. If you like big bands and great singing then you really need to add this CD to your library.


Wixey Digital Angle Gauge

Click the Pic!

This months tool suggestion is the new Wixey Digital Angle Gauge. I can't believe how many times in the past I wished I had a tool like this. I always used a triangle or protractor to set my saw blade angle as close as possible. Now this tool takes all that measurement away.
I used it on this months project and our next project really uses it. The project calls for an 82 degree cut, now try to measure that with any accuracy with all you mechanical tools.
This is one tool I'll be using a bunch in the future.

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We've really been getting some good jokes from all of you, please keep it up.

Lyle sent us this cute one. Have you ever wondered what the doctors and nurses are writing on those charts that hang on the ends of the hospital beds? Well here's an actual list of comments:

1. The patient refused the autopsy.

2. The patient has no previous history of suicide.

3. Patient has left white blood cells at another hospital.

4. She has no rigors or shaking chills, but her husband states she was very hot in bed last night.

5. Patient has chest pain if she lies on her left side for over a year.

6. On the second day the knee was better and on the third day it disappeared.

7. The patient is tearful and crying constantly. She also appears to be depressed.

8. The patient has been depressed since she began seeing me in 1993.

9. Discharge Status: Alive but without permission.

10. Healthy appearing decrepit 69 year old male, mentally alert but forgetful.

11. Patient had waffles for breakfast and anorexia for lunch.

12. She is numb from her toes down.

13. While in ER she was examined, x-rated and sent home.

14. The skin was moist and dry.

15. Occasional, constant, infrequent headaches.

16. Patient was alert and unresponsive.

17. Rectal examination revealed a normal size thyroid.

18. She stated that she had been constipated for most of her life, until she got a divorce.

19. I saw your patient today, who is still under our car for physical therapy.

20. Both breasts are equal and reactive to light and accommodation.

21. The lab test indicated abnormal lover function.

22. Examination of genitalia reveals that he is circus sized.

23. Skin: somewhat pale but present.

24. The pelvic exam will be done later on the floor.

25. Patient has two teenage children, but no other abnormalities.


Date Pudding Cake

I got this recipe from my Mom's old recipe box. I remember having it as a kid and really liking it, I hope you like it too.
  • 2 Tablespoons Butter
  • 1/2 Cup Sugar
  • 1 Cup Flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon Soda
  • 1/4 teaspoon Salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon Nutmeg
  • 1 teaspoon Baking Powder
  • 1/2 Cup Milk
  • 1/2 Cup Chopped Dates
  • 1/2 Cup Chopped Nuts
  • 1 teaspoon Vanilla
  • 1/2 Cup Brown Sugar
  • 1 Tablespoon Butter
  • 1 Cup Hot Water
Cream together 2 Tablespoons Butter and Sugar.
Sift together Flour, Soda, Salt, Nutmeg and Baking Powder.
Add Milk and dry ingredients to the Butter and Sugar.
Mix well and add Dates, Nuts and Vanilla.
Pour into a 9" greased pan.
Mix Brown Sugar, 1 Tablespoon Butter and Hot Water and pour over the top of the batter.
Bake at 350 degrees F for 30 minutes.
Turn upside down.

Serve warm with Ice Cream, Whipped Topping or plain.

Remember, if you have a recipe you'd like to share please send it to We'd be happy to post your favorite recipe on our Kitchen site or in our newsletter and give you credit.

     Every month we post a new recipe on our web page. Be sure and check out the New recipe at the RunnerDuck Kitchen Store.


"Date Recipes (Spiral-bound)
by Rick I. Heetland


You don't find many cookbooks dedicated to "Dates". Some people love them and others don't care for them but Rick has such good recipes for them that everyone will be eating dates.

One person who reviewed this cookbook wrote; "I love dates, and apparently so does Rick. In his book, Date Recipes, Mr. Heetland tells you everything you need to know about cooking with dates. The man is a genius, and thanks to him I'll be eating dates happily for a long time. Thank you Rick Heetland.



Download WOOD Store® woodworking plans directly to your computer and start building in just minutes! OR, we'll mail them to you, your choice!



Taper Sled

This started out as a different project until I realized that my existing taper jig would not work. Here's the previous taper jig we made in our April 2004 newsletter;

Taper Jig

What I really needed were tapers cut on a 45 degree angle using a tablesaw that tilted the blade left as well as right. Not having such a critter I had to come up with a fixture that would do the job. I designed a universal 45 degree table sled!
The idea is that I can cut tapers along with a 45 degree angle on either side of my tablesaw blade. Just to give you a sneak peak as to why I need this here is a 3D CAD rendering of my next project.

Sundial Stand

It's a sundial stand that will hold a sundial in my yard. The sides are tapered and join at 45 degree angles along the edges.

To build the taper sled you'll need the following:

Cut a piece of 3/4" plywood 28" X 28".
Set a 3/4" wide dado blade 3/8" deep using the T-Track as a guide.

Cut two groves across the plywood centered 8 1/4" in from each side.

Cut a four foot 2" X 4" in half, 24" X 2" X 4".
Cut a 3/4" X 3/4" groove along one edge of each 2" X 4".

Drill four countersunk holes spaced evenly along the bottom edge of each handle. I used my Drill Table to line the holes up.

Glue and screw the handles onto each end running the same direction as the T-Tracks.
Drill some counter sunk holes along the bottom edge of the plywood to screw into the handles and install the screws. Be sure to keep the screws clear of the saw blade area.
Cut two hardwood rails 3/4" X 3/8" X 28".
Set the tablesaw fence 8 1/2" from the edge of the track on the tabletop to the face of the fence.
Place the rails into the tracks on your tablesaw.

Apply a thin bead of glue along each rail.
Place the "sled" flush to the fence and align the rails flush to the end of the sled.

Drill countersunk holes in three places in line with the centers of the rails.
Install the screws and tighten.
Remove the sled and turn it over to remove any excess glue. Be sure to check the table for any glue.

Set your saw blade to a 45 degree angle and high enough to go through about 1 3/4". Place the sled in the tracks and cut through the entire sled. I used my handy dandy Wixey Digital Angle Gage to set my blade angle.

Digital Angle Gauge

If you'd like to see this project on the web just go to The pictures are a little bigger and easier to see. Plus you can print the web page to take the project to your shop.

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