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Beanpole Project

Beanpole Project

     Beanpoles can be just sticks poked in the ground or works of art. This beanpole looks good and is very functional.
     Step 1 - Purchase the Material

     This will be a simple two step project that we will start by getting the material together.
  • (4) 8' Cedar 2x2
  • (1) 2' Cedar 4x4
  • Deck Screws
     To design your bean pole you need to figure out how big you want the base and how tall it should be. Our base is rectangular although square is probably better. The base of our legs are 24" X 18". Ours is about 6' tall.

     Step 2 - Build It!

First we need to make the top for our beanpole. Cut a 4" X 4" down to 2" X 2".
Cut some tapers on each end. I made the top taper really long and pointy and the bottom one shorter.


Next add some details to make your top more interesting. I only added one notch round the base of the top point but you can get as fancy as you like.

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Now cut the 2" X 2"'s on an angle to so when mounted they will spread to the width of the base you want. Because of the garden where mine was going I made my base 18" X 24". This meant that I had to make two different set-ups on my table saw.
     Cut the legs to the length you want your pole to be. Mount the legs with two deck screws through each leg into the top.
     That's it! Now put it in your garden and start growing those beans.

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