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Book Rack
      These adjustable bookracks look nice and do a good job of holding books in place. They don't hold a lot of books but they are easy enough to make that you can make several.


  • 1/2" X 6" Oak 2' long.
  • 1/2" Oak Dowel
  • 2 4" square Decorative Ceramic Tiles

  • Carpenters Glue
Cut 2 8" X 5 1/2" pieces from the 1/2" Oak.
Cut 1 3 1/2" X 5 1/2" piece from the 1/2" Oak.
Radius the two top corners of all three pieces. I used a small stain can to draw the radius.
Using a band saw or scroll saw cut the corners on all three pieces.
Measure up 1" from the bottom of each piece and draw a light line.
Mark 1" in from each side and one mark in the middle of the line.
On one of large pieces and the 3 1/2" piece drill three 1/2" holes half way through.
On the second large piece drill three 9/16" holes all the way through.
Radius the sides and top of the three pieces with a 1/4" router bit.
Cut Pieces

Next we want to do is make a pocket for the tiles in the two large ends. This can be done by setting up your router with stops on all four sides. I used a 1/2" 2 flute straight bit set about 1/4" deep. Be sure to route the side opposite the holes for the dowels on the one piece. The piece with the holes all the way through doesn't matter.
Router Setup

Rout Pockets


I decided to stain my pieces before they were assembled so that was my next step.
Next we glued the tiles into the pockets. I used a two part epoxy adhesive which seemed to work pretty good.
Tiles glued in place

The final step in our project is to glue the dowels into the ends. I started by applying glue and taping each dowel into the small end until they bottomed out.
Next I slid on the slider end with the tile facing toward the small end.
Now apply glue to the three dowels, align the holes and start them in. Take a piece of scrap wood and place it on the end and tap it until all three dowels are seated.
Put the book rack on a flat surface and make sure everything is square.
After it dries you should be good to go.
Book Rack

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