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Place Card/Ornament/Coaster
This project appeared in our December 20th, 2002 Newsletter.

This project is a Three Fer project. You get three for the price of one. We are going to make a place card for the dinner table, a Christmas tree ornament and a coaster. This is really simple and just in time for that Christmas dinner or party.

Here's what you'll need:

  • 2) 1/4" X 5" X 11" Oak for each ornament.
  • 1/16" X 3 1/4" diameter cork.
  • Glue

Here is the pattern for this project, PATTERN

Cut two pieces 5" X 5 1/2" out of the 1/4" Oak.
Trace the pattern on to one of the pieces.
Cut out the 3 1/4" hole.
Glue the two pieces together. Don't use too much glue so it doesn't squeeze out into the center.
Cut out the pattern after the pieces dry.
Drill and 1/16" hole near the top to put a string or hanger through.

That's it for the basic ornament.

For a place setting print out the persons name on a 3 1/4" round piece of paper and put it into the ornament. Have your guests take them home and put pictures in them to hang on their Christmas tree.

Place Card

For an ornament cut out a picture to 3 1/4" round and glue it into the ornament and hang on your tree.

Wooden Ornament
For a coaster cut out a 3/16" piece of cork 3 1/4" round and glue into the ornament.

There you have it a three in one project for your Holidays. Have fun and enjoy your efforts when people complement you on your project.

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