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Condiment Picnic Table
      Here's a fun little one-day project that will make your summer dining table look extra special.

Condiment Picnic Table

For this project I used some 3/4" X 6" cedar fencing scraps.
The first step we'll cut all the pieces.
Cut some 3/4" wide strips, you'll need about 65" total.
Cut these strips as follows;
(2) 6 3/4"
(3) 7 1/2"
(1) 4 3/4"
(4) 4 3/8" cut at 60 degrees on each end, /====/.
   Leg Brace:
(2) 3 3/4" cut at 60 degrees on each end, /====\.
   Tabletop: 10" X 5 1/4"
   Benches: (2) 10" X 1 1/2"

Drill (2) 2 1/8" diameter holes centered 2 1/4" in from each end.
Drill (2) 1 7/8" diameter holes centered 1 1/2" in from each side.
Here are the parts for the table, legs, braces, and benches.

Set your table saw so the blade will cut an 3/16" deep groove.
On the tabletop cut a groove 1 1/2" in from each side. Turn the wood on each end to "wrap" the cut. It gives it the look of separate pieces of wood.
Do the same thing for the benches but cut the groove down the middle. Glue and nail the bottom frame together as shown below.

Glue and nail the leg braces to the table. Use a leg to space them in from the table ends.
Glue and nail THREE of the legs to the braces. Place them with a 1/4" space between them.
Position the base 1" from the bottom of the legs, glue and nail in place.
NOW install the last leg. If you didn't do this you will not get the base into place!
Table Bottom

You can stain your project or leave it natural like we did. Now all you have to do is put your condiments into it and put it on the table.

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