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This project appeared in our July 4, 2009 Newsletter.

We had a pile of scrap wood from some shelves the previous home owner had installed. They were made from 3/4" X 4" pine and 2" X 2"s. The door for a storage area he had made was from 5/4" X 4" cedar. It was sort of overkill for shelving and took up more space than I through was necessary. I replaced them all with Home Depot shelving boards. The problem then was what to do with all this scrap.

Then I remembered that I had a lot of other scrap wood that we use for evening fires in our back yard. I didn't have a very good place to store it so why not make a firewood box? I came up with the following and it is working good.

I started with a 2" X 2" base.

I screwed and glued it together and made sure it was square by measuring corner to corner from all corners. If the dimensions are the same then it is square.

I cut and nailed the 4" pine boards to the base using a scrap piece for a spacer.

Next I built the end frames. To cut the correct angle on the top I squared up the base and used a piece of scrap wood marked to the width of the door.

I marked and cut the angles and then assembled the ends.

I used the measurements with the end frames in place to make the front and back.

I cut a 2" X 4" for the top of the back using the same angle as the ends and attached it to the back frame using screws up through the bottom.

Once I had the frames nailed up I laid them down and added the siding.

I placed the siding so that it overhung the ends to cover past the end frame and siding. This made it so I can do my final assembly after all the sides are covered.

After all the siding was on I finished it with a deck stain.

I prepared the foundation by digging out an area the size of the box.

I laid down pavers for the foundation and leveled them with a long level.

I put the base in place and built the box on top of it using screws.

I pre-assembled the corners using nails and glue. I cut them on the miter saw at the same angle as the top.

I nailed them to the corners and then stained them the same as the rest of the box.

I screwed the hinges of the lid in place and that was it.

To seal the top I ran a bead of clear silicone along each seam between boards. I now have a nice looking place for all my scrap firewood with very little out of pocket expense.

That's about it. We hope you liked this project. If you build it and your friends ask where you got such a clever idea, please tell them that you got it at

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