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Greeting Stake
     There are no plans for this project but this little project requires some creativity (not much). It also is really easy on materials because for the most part it's made from scraps.
Greeting Stake

      While these greeting stakes will look nice around your home they make especially nice gifts for house warmings, just ask my daughter Jenni and her husband Matt.

The stake part of this project is made from 1" X 2" about 4' long.
Cut a point on one end of the stake.
Now for the creative part of the project. Make a false front birdhouse, outhouse or any other house type shape from 1/2" cedar. We've given you a few ideas below.


Click on these pictures for a bigger view

Add a roof to your house with some thinner wood like cedar shake.
Put a porch on your house and any other details you wish to add.
You can paint details to give it more character.
Cut a piece of 1/4" X 1 3/4" material 18" long for the sign. Again, you can use pretty much anything you have laying around.
Paint something nice to match your house, see the samples below.
We tied some rafia around the post and added some dried moss to the roof.

I think you have to agree that these will make pretty nice gifts. Now get creative and have some fun. Get the family involved for even more fun.

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