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Child's Growth Picture Stick
      Now that our grandson is growing it's fun to measure his height to see how fast he is growing. This growth picture stick not only tracks his growth but provides a space for pictures so you can see what he looked like at a certain height.
Child's Growth Picture Stick

Here's what you'll need:

  • 1/4" X 3" X 48" Poplar or other nice finish wood.
  • 1/4" X 6" X 48" Poplar or other nice finish wood.
  • Glue
  • Paint
Cut the 3" wide piece of Poplar to two strips 1" wide and 1/2" wide, both 4' long.
You can make any kind of top for your project to make it look nicer. We chose, what else, a runner duck head from a previous project. You can get the pattern from our Wooden Runner Duck project web page.
Make the top so it takes up 4 1/2" at the top.
Cut the 1/2" and 1" pieces to match the length of the sides.
Cut the left over pieces to go in between the two sides.
Paint the sides. We chose white paint but they need to be painted so that the marking pen used for the ruler doesn’t bleed all over the place.
Using a marking pen, like a Sharppie, to lay out your ruler. We assumed that our project will hang 2 feet above the ground so our first one foot marker says 3 FT.
Glue the sides, top and bottom pieces onto the board.
Top of growth stick

Add a hanger to the back and you are ready to start tracking your little tike's growth.

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