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Indoor Mailbox Project


     This week we will assemble and finish our little Inside Mailbox.
Mailbox Open

One thing we forgot to cut last week was the decorative drawer fronts for our box. You can make them out of 1/4" material. You can have either one drawer or two. I used a router to add some nice edges to them.
Glue and nail the back to the bottom.
Glue and nail the ends to the bottom and back.
Glue and nail the spacer to the back and bottom. NOTE: the spacer is to make it easier to get the mail out of the box.

Mailbox without front on

If you are going to mount knobs on the drawer fronts I would suggest aligning them and drilling the holes now. On ours the screws for the knobs were too short and we had to counter sink the back of the front board.
Glue and nail the front onto the base and sides.
I used my router to round over the corners to give it a smoother look. If you do that be sure to round over the corners of the top also. While I was at it I rounded the front edges of the top.
Add your finish now. We painted the box and stained the drawer fronts and lid.
When the finish is dry mount your lid using two small hinges.

There you have it a pretty nice looking mailbox for inside your house.

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