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Napkin Holder
     Picnic time is coming soon and eating outside is always fun. One thing about eating outside that isn't fun is when the napkins blow all over the place. This handy napkin holder will prevent that from happening and looks nice too.
      I sized my napkin holder to fit the large dinner napkins that way it will fit them all. You can make yours smaller if you like.
Cut the base from 1/2" veneer plywood 8 1/2" X 9 1/2". Cut four 1/4" strips from 3/4" walnut or use 1/4" stock 10 1/4" long.
Miter these strips at 45 degrees to form a frame around your piece of plywood.
If you are using hardwood like oak or walnut pre drill the holes for the brads with a 1/16" bit centered on the plywood. I put three on a side.
Drill two 1/4" holes, 1/2" in from the edge of the plywood for mounting the posts. These should be centered on the long sides of the plywood. You can drill the hole through but I stopped short of going all the way through.
Cut two 4 1/2" pieces of 1/4" dowel for the posts. Round one end of the post using sandpaper.
Glue and nail the sides on with brads.
Glue and tap the posts into place.
Cut the center weight from a piece of 1/4" stock 9" long and 2 1/2" wide. We used oak.
Drill two 3/8" holes 1/2" in from each end, centered.
Cut a radius around each end for looks. You can leave it squared if you like.
Paint a design on your weight if you like, we used a stamp, and finish your project.
Napkin Holder
      There you have it a very simple project that looks nice and works good.

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