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Extension Cord Holder

     Extension cords, especially long ones, can be a real mess to string out and coil back up. Also plugs on the ends can become damaged by just yanking on the cord to unplug a tool. This is a good project to untangle those cords and fix the old damaged ones.
  • 3/4" X 6" X 22" piece of wood like Cedar or Pine.
  • 3/4" X 1 3/4" X 6" piece of wood like Cedar or Pine.
  • 2" X 4"
  • 2 2" Deck Screws
  • Electrical Plug Box and Plug

  • Oversize plug cover with individual door covers.
  • Cable Clamp for the plug box
  • 12" Rope
Cut a 3/4" piece of wood 6" X 22". You can radius the corners if you like.
Mount an electrical box in the center of the board 4" down from the top.
Cut a 3/4" piece of wood 1 3/4" X 6" and drill a clearance hole for the screw you'll use to attach it about 1 3/4" from one end. Radius the opposite end of this piece.
Cut a piece of 2" X 4", 1 3/4" long.
Mount the 2" X 4", 4" up from the bottom of the board using two 2" deck screws.
Screw the small piece of wood onto the top of the 2" X 4" using a screw and flat washer. You'll want this piece to rotate to make getting the extension cord off quicker and easier.
Wire up your old extension cord to the plug box through a cable clamp.
Mount the cover on the plug box.
Using heavy duty staples attach a small piece of rope to the back of the board for a handle.

Extension Cord Holder

There are lots of little modifications you can make to this project like a place to park the loose end of the extension cord.
We hope you found this project useful and easy.

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