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R. G. Rustics
      R. G. (Ron) Godin is the first artist to join our craft store with R. G. Rustics. He is from Erving, Massachusetts which is located in the Pioneer Valley along the Mohawk Trail. His unique style of Adirondack art is very interesting and nicely done. He uses Birch bark and twigs as his canvas and finishes them with two coats of clear polyurethane for excellent protection from the elements. All signs have eye screws and wire mounted on them for hanging.
      Ron has been a New England artist working in this medium for the past eight years and his art can often be found at numerous art and craft shows from New York to Maine.
      Below you'll find all of Ron's standard products. He will also make custom signs to your specifications. Just drop us a line with your request and he'll get back to you with a quote,

Keep watching for things to come.
Ron also makes lamps, picture frames and mirror frames.

What a great way to say "welcome to our home".
Approximately 7" X 22".


Only $51.94
plus S&H      

Do you have a guest house or a special room in you home for guests? Just think how suprised your guests will be when they see this sign.
Approximately 7" X 19".


Only $44.52
plus S&H      

If you have a little get away place that needs some dressing up this is just the sign for you.
Approximately 6" X 16"


Only $36.00
plus S&H      

How about telling everyone that you are the rugged outdoors type by hanging this Adirondack office sign on your door.
Approximately 7" X 19"


Only $44.52
plus S&H      

Ron will make custom signs to your specifications. Use them for your business, vacation home, front yard sign, or anything else you can think up.

R.G. Rustic Signs

Drop us a line with your
specifications to receive
a fast and courteous quote.

While Ron has many of these items in stock there is always the possibility of being temporarily out. Since these are hand crafted your order could take 2 - 4 weeks but in most cases your order will ship within two business days.

Thank you so much for your order. Not only will you enjoy your sign but you'll enjoy the compliments you get from your friends.

Come back soon and check out Ron's other fine art pieces.

Click Here for Frames and Lamps


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