This is a very old plan and it's quite possible that there are some errors that have not been discovered. I correct errors as they are found but I recommend doing your own math and check all dimensions before investing in a lot of material.


We will start out by cutting the side pieces. I call thesepieces "segments". I am making them out of clear 1" x 8" cedar.

First the Layout:

Waterwheel Layout

     The first thing you need to decide is how big you want to make the wheel, mine is 5' 6" in diameter and is made up of eight segments. I knew that the segments would be 7 1/2" high because I wanted to use 1"x 8" cedar. I used the computer to lay it out and printed a full size pattern of one of the segments.
Segment Pattern

     The layout and cutting of these segments is VERY critical. Any variation in the angles will really show up when you try to mate them.
     NOTE: Cut enough segments for BOTH sides of the waterwheel.

     Cut the angles first. I can't say it enough that you need to be very accurate with the angles of these cuts.

I used the paper template I made from my computer layout to draw the radius on top of each segment. Next you'll cut the to radius. You can use a band saw,saber saw or cut them by hand.

Once all the pieces are cut, lay them out and make sure that they fit well together and there are no large gaps between segments. If there is a gap you can go back and re-cut them but make very tiny adjustments.


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