This week Step 10 - Installation:

     All that's left to do is install the wheel, build a little sluice, turn on the water, sit back and enjoy.
     Since I'm tying this into my storage shed I will only need one stand. I made mine from a 6X6 landscape timber. I mounted crisscross 2X12's for the base.

     I used four really long lag bolts and washers to mount the timber to the base. I added a piece of 2X4 and 2X12 to each end of the base to make it level.

     Next I put the base into my pond and made it plumb using rocks and sand.

     Next I took the steel shaft mounted one end into a Pillow Bearing, sat it on the support, squared it up and with a level marked the hole location on my shed. I drilled a hole through the shed and mounted a 4X4 between the studs on the inside. Remember to use the pillow bearing on the inside to set the height of the 4X4.

     I marked the shaft while I had it in place so I would know where to weld the wheel. I put the shaft through the wheel hub and welded it in place.
     Next I built a little ramp to help move the wheel into place and just rolled it up. Put the shaft through the wall and mounted a Pillow Bearing on each end.

     I ran lag bolts through both Pillow Bearings and that was that.
     Next I built a sluice which was nothing more than a cedar 1X10 with 3" sides. I used silicone sealer to help hold the sides on and keep them from leaking. I made a couple of simple brackets to mount it to the shed.
     To power the waterwheel I installed a small water pump in the pond. I mounted a "T" on the pump with a hose out the top and a gate valve off the side. I use the gate valve to control the water flow. I bonded the hose into a hole in the side of the sluice and turned it on.
     I've discovered that it really doesn't take much water to turn the wheel around. I have it throttled way down and rotates about right. Here is a finished picture of it in this weeks snow.

     If by any chance you have tried to make your own waterwheel I would love to hear from you and see some pictures. If you are working on one and run into trouble or have questions just drop me a line and I'll try to help.

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