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Wind Chimes
      This is a really simple project that you will get lots of enjoyment out of.

Here's what you'll need:

  • A decorative 4" X 4" fence post cap.
  • 8' of 1" conduit, 1" aluminum tube or 1/4" round aluminum bar stock.
  • 3" diameter piece of 1/2" think wood or 1/8" piece of steel.
  • A piece of wood or plastic to make the clapper swing.
  • Fishing line or string.
  • Two small eye bolts.
You could make your own top but it sure is easy to just go buy a fence post cap.
Drill small holes in the four lower corners of the cap.
Cut the tube or bar stock to different lengths. For deeper tones make them longer for higher tones make them shorter. We made our longest one 19 1/2" and each one after that 1" shorter.
Tie the tubes to the cap with fishing line.
Screw the eye bolts in the middle of the cap. One on top and one on the bottom.
Drill a small hole in the middle of the 3" diameter piece and tie it to the center eye bolt with fishing line. You can change the sound of your chimes by using different material. The harder the material the sharper the sound the softer the material the softer the sound. You can try wood, plastic and metal.
Tie your piece of wood or plastic to make the clapper swing onto the round piece.
Tie a piece of fishing line to the top eye bolt, go hang it up and wait for the wind to blow.
Pretty simple but years of enjoyment to follow.

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