RunnerDuck is proud to bring you hand crafted products from all over the country. We have worked hard to find artisans that make these high quality art items especially for you.

We do not accept items that are mass produced to look old or look like they were hand crafted. Only true artisans and crafts people are found here.

Like many pieces of art this web page is a work in progress and with your help will become a great resource for people looking for interesting and unique art items.

If you are interested in becoming a part of this community just drop me a line at

I look forward to hearing from you and working with you.

Ken and Marilyn

Wood 'N Wares

Wood 'N Wares
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Bob and Jean Shorthill craft some of the finest maple kitchen utensils you'll find anywhere. They have been handcrafting these utensils since 1992 and display that experience through the pride they exhibit in each piece. The real beauty of their craft is the functionality and durability of these utensils. They are crafted to be used and will last a lifetime. If you maintain them properly they will make a great heirloom to hand down from generation to generation.

Each piece is hand crafted from select hard maple. There are over 30 styles of chef tools, gourmet cooking spoons, serving spoons, wok paddles, chopsticks, rice paddles, salad servers, spreaders, dough spoons, knives, spatulas, sauté tools, tongs and mini boards to choose from and more on the way. Jean has a kitchen management background which helps a great deal in designing truly functional pieces. Bob converts those ideas into durable pieces that you'll use every day.

R. G. Rustics

R. G. Rustics
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      Ron Godin from Erving, Massachusetts is located in the Pioneer Valley along the Mohawk Trail. His unique style of Adirondack art is very interesting and nicely done. He uses Birch bark and twigs as his canvas and finishes them with two coats of clear polyurethane for excellent protection from the elements.

      Ron has been a New England artist working in this medium for the past eight years and his art can often be found at numerous art and craft shows from New York to Maine.

      Ron has a line of standard signs for indoor and outdoor use. He also will do made to order signs to fit that special need. Besides these beautiful signs Ron also makes Adirondack style lamps, clocks, framed mirrors and rustic furniture.

      To see Ron's excellent work and purchase his art just click HERE.


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