Northwestern Travelogue

Day 4

September 12, 2005

It's 43 degrees and things are supposed to be warming up. The forecast is for less rain and temperatures into the low 50's. Boy were they wrong! Forty three was about the warmest it got all day and the rain never let up. It rained all day and the cloud cover stayed very low. We have not seen a mountain since we've been here. We could be in Nebraska for all we know, except for the pine trees.

We went back into the park and the ranger said that the pass would be closed again all day. I guess they got more snow Sunday night. He said that they've even brought out the big snow blower that hasn't been out of the shop since opening the road last spring. They couldn't clear the road with just plows. We stopped in Apgar again to look in some of the gift shops. We saw a lot of beautiful photos of the mountains so we know they must be here somewhere.

Snowy Mountain

We took a different road in the park than the Going-To-The-Sun road that is only about fifteen miles long (all black top). We thought we might get a better look at things but because of the cloud cover we got nothing.

We stopped by a picnic area on Lake McDonald and took a couple of pictures. Further up the road while driving we spotted a couple of deer. We stopped and took some pictures of them but that was the only wildlife we saw. No birds, no bears, no bugs! Everyone and everything is gone for the season. I joked with the ranger that not only is everything closing up for the winter they even roll up the mountains!


There wasn't much snow at the elevation where we were but Marilyn did manage to scrape up enough snow to make a tiny snow man.

Marilyn makes a snowman

The waiter at the restaurant on Sunday suggested going to Whitefish as a neat place to visit so we drove in the rain for thirty miles and the cloud cover only got lower and it rained even harder. We got to Whitefish and were not terribly impressed. It looks like a nice town but I guess because of the weather we weren't really in the mood to explore.

We had lunch at a Wendy's where we were lucky enough to find a WiFi node to scab onto. After our email download we were off back to our campground. Another quiet popcorn evening ended the day.