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Wheelbarrow Planter


     If you remember from Step 1 we started a new project making a wheelbarrow planter. This is fashioned after a 100-year-old design we found in a 1902 Sears and Roebuck catalogue. In Step 1 we picked up the materials and now we 'll start making sawdust.
      We start out by cutting the bottom boards and the handles.

This picture is a little hard to see but if you click on it you'll go to a larger picture of it on our web page.

Cut the boards form 1" X 6" cedar. The two longer boards are 5 1/2" wide and the shortest board is 4" wide.

The handles are from 3 foot long cedar 2" X 2"'s. For the handle end I used a 1/2" round over router bit. I ran the router up the handle about 5" on all four sides.

For the wheel end I tapered one edge of each 2" X 2" starting 8 3/4" up. I tapered it down to 3/4" wide. I used a 1/2" round over router bit on the outside of the handles coming back about 2 1/2".

Again, you can click on the pictures to enlarge them making them easier to see.
The last thing to do is drill a 1/4" hole through the middle of the wheel end of both handles 1" back from the end. You need to do this with them clamped together so the wheel bolt will go through straight after assembly.
That's it until next time. Keep your fingers out of those saws!


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