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Wheelbarrow Planter


Step 3 - The Sides

     These instructions are for the two sides of the wheelbarrow. When you make the two sides and you will want to make them a mirror image of each other.
Cut two 1" X 6" cedar boards 19 1/4" long and two 20" long.
Using the pattern below lay out the pieces and cut them to the finished length and angles. To cut the top boards place them against the bottom boards and extend the end lines up.

This picture is really hard to see so if you click on it you'll get a larger picture of it.

Set your saw blade to a 15% angle and cut the bottom edge of the bottom board. Set your fence carefully so you do not reduce the width of the board (5 1/2").
Draw the curves onto the top board and cut it out with a saber saw or band saw. You can be as creative as you like with the curves.
Cut two support pieces of 3/4" cedar 8 1/2" x 1 3/4". This will be for the inside supports.
Align the sideboards, position the support on the inside of each side, drill and screwed into place per the picture below.
Wheelbarrow Planter Sides

You should now have the two sides complete. A little sanding on the edges and they are good to go.
Next week the front and back.


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