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Wheelbarrow Planter


     The wheel looks harder than it really is. I've made a pretty good pattern that you can get at

If you'd rather there is a really nice metal wheel availabel from ByeGone Workshop. It's a 10" wheel and cost's $17.95. You can get it at, part number #10-6.

     Using a 1" X 8" piece of cedar I cut a 7 1/2" X 7 1/2" piece. I marked the center of it and using an extension on my router and a straight bit I cut the circle.

     Using carbon paper, lay out the pattern on the cut out circle and mark the centers of all the holes. Drill the outer spoke holes with a 1/2" bit and the inner spoke holes using a 3/4" bit.
Drilled Wheel

Use your saber saw to cut between each hole.
     Drill a 1/4" hole through the center of the wheel.
     Using a 1/2" corner round router bit radius both sides of the outer edges of the wheel.
Finished Wheel

     Sand the spokes smooth and you are done. I think this makes a pretty nice looking wheel. You could use the same process on a 12" piece of wood if you wanted a bigger wheel.
     Next week we will assemble and finish our wheelbarrow planter.


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