Assemble The Spokes:

     This is where I discovered that I hadn't cut the points on my spokes just right and had to go back and trim them up a little. I hope you don't have that same problem.
     The assembly of the spokes to the hub is relatively simple. You just put the bolts through the hub and 2x4 with the countersink in the 2x4 toward the steel plate. This is so that there is a place for the square shoulder of the carriage bolt to go. I use a large flat washer, split lock washer and nut in each hole.

     DO NOT tighten the nuts yet, just make them finger tight. The spokes need to be loose so you can make some fine adjustments. I laid it out flat on the floor and with a tape measure, measured from spoke to spoke to get them as evenly spaced as possible.

     Once I had the spokes aligned exactly I tightened the nuts up a little but not tight yet. Next I laid out my side pieces to check the final fit. I had to tap a couple spokes with a hammer to move them ever so slightly.
     Once I got every piece exactly where I wanted it I torqued the nuts down and then repeated the process for the other side.


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