This week Step 6 - Assembling The Sides:

     The first thing we need to do is drill some holes for the screws that will hold the sides on.
     We are going to drill two holes in each end of each segment. To do this I made a simple paper template to mark each end of each piece. These screws will be going into the spokes so I marked them in the middle of the cutout and evenly spaced.

     Drill the holes for the size of screws you'll be using and countersink them so the screws will be flush. I used 2", #6, flathead, exterior screws. Be sure and keep the matching segments together because each side is a mirror image and the segments need to match.
     Lay the hub assembly down with the outside up.

     Lay the sides in place all around the wheel and get them as even as possible. I had to go around quite a few times to get it just perfect.

Go around and install all the screws. I hope you have a power driver because this could get really old really fast by hand. Now repeat the process for the other side.


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