This week Step 7 - Finishing the Bottom Pieces:

     This gets to be a little tedious and unfortunately I don't have many pictures of this step so I hope explaining it OK.
     Lay one side of the wheel down with the groves facing up.

     Start placing the bottom boards in the slot that goes around the wheel overlapping each one.

     As you go around the wheel you will come to the 2x4 spokes. This is where it gets tricky. At each spoke you will need to custom cut each bottom piece to fit around the spoke. You also need to cut the opposite end in a mirror image so when we mount the other wheel side it will fit.
     This gets to be pretty tedious but take your time. This is the step that will make it all fit together in the end.
     Again I'm sorry I don't have any more pictures of this step but I think you get what I mean. If you don't just drop me a line and I'll help you through it.
     Wow, what fun!


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