This week Step 8 - Final Assembly:

     This is where the whole thing comes together. I was pretty nervous at this point but if everything is cut right it goes together fairly well.
     Lay one side of the wheel down with the groves facing up. Install the 1/4" threaded rods into the spokes with a large flat washer and nut as shown below.

     Place the bottom boards in the slot that goes around the wheel overlapping each one. Actually these should be in place from the last step.

     Take the opposite side of the wheel and carefully place it onto the threaded rods to help line things up. Start pushing the bottom boards that are sticking up into the slot around the top wheel. Line up the spokes as close as possible by looking through them to the other side.
     This gets to be pretty tedious but take your time. I had to go around several times jiggling and shaking things quite a lot.
     Once the boards are seated put a large flat washer and nut on the top side and tighten them up a little bit. I waited until I had the wheel standing up to really tighten things down.
     Now stand the wheel up and evenly tighten the nuts on the threaded shafts.

     You should now have something that is starting to look a lot like a waterwheel. We are getting close to the final steps so hang in there.


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