This week Step 9 - Paddles:

     In order to make the wheel go around we need to make some cups to catch the water. This is pretty easy by just adding some paddles to the wheel.
     Using 1" x (what ever you have) cedar cut rectangular pieces to fit in the groves that were cut early on in this project. They should be pretty obvious since they are the ones with nothing in them. They should be pretty snug since you don't want the water to go around them.

     Put the paddles in the slots and screw them down with two screws from the bottom. When you are all done it should look something like this,

     That should complete your waterwheel construction. Next we need to figure how to install it and make it work.
     If by any chance you have tried to make your own waterwheel I would love to hear from you and see some pictures. If you are working on one and run into trouble or have questions just drop me a line and I'll try to help.


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