Landscape Project

Landscape View 1   Landscape View 2

Step 1 Step 1: The Planning Stage
Step 2 Step 2: Visualize Your Plan
Step 3 Step 3: Cut It Down
Step 4 Step 4: Bare Dirt is Good
Step 5 Step 5: Underground Stuff
Step 6 Step 6: Wall Retainers
Step 7 Step 7: More Digging
Step 8 Step 8: The Sump
Step 9 Step 9: The Sump Plumbing
Step 10 Step 10: Bring On the Dirt
Step 11 Step 11: Stabilize the Mountain
Step 12 Step 12: Placing the Pool Liner
Step 13 Step 13: Rock In the River
Step 14 Step 14: The Waterfall
Step 15 Step 15: Rock Retaining Wall
Step 16 Step 16: Bridge Over the River...
Step 17 Step 17: Lets Get Wet
Step 17 Step 18: Follow the Yellow Brick Road

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