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Waterwheel Project


Step 1Step 1: Cut the Segments
Step 2Step 2: Route the Segments
Step 3Step 3: Cut the Bottoms
Step 4Step 4: Cut the Spokes
Step 5Step 5: Assemble the Spokes
Step 6Step 6: Assemble Sides to Spokes
Step 7Step 7 - Finishing the Bottom Pieces
Step 8Step 8 - Final Assembly
Step 9Step 9 - Paddles
Step 9Step 10 - Installation

If you think this porject is too hard for you but would still like to have a nice looking waterwheel. Check out the beautifully crafted waterwheels at

Spencer would be happy to custom make one just for you. His unique style of waterwheel really sets his apart.

Spencer Waterwheel

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